Wrestling Worship

Wrestling in Worship
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Scripture paints an unusual portrait for us in the story of Jacob’s sweaty struggle with God on the banks of the Jabbok, a struggle culminating in Jacob’s receiving the name his people carry to this day.Jacob always had been determined to do things his own way — ​whether it was wresting control of his brother’s birthright or amassing wealth from Laban’s flocks.

After years of learning the hard way that his way wasn’t God’s way, he finally did something right. He seized an opportunity to grab onto God and hold on with all his might.
Worship is composed of familiar elements such as praise, adoration, confession and intercession. Sometimes we forget, however, that worshiping God also involves persistence — ​pursuing hard after the One who is impossible to see, but who is never at a distance from us.
Worship doesn’t always feel good; at times it resembles Jacob’s struggle more than Sunday morning singing. Scripture reminds us that problems and trials are good for us because they help us learn to endure, and endurance produces the strength of character God longs to see in us (see Romans 5:3 – 4).
Are you struggling with God right now and feeling frustrated? Take a lesson from Jacob and hold fast to the One who has promised to never let you go.

And he said, Let me go, for the day breaketh. And he said, I will not let thee go, except thou bless me. (‭Genesis‬ ‭32‬:‭26‬ KJV)


 I took a much-needed break last night or should I say the early  hours of today, from essay writing to catch up with a few of my favourite blogs, this inspired to make a post, any post, just make sure you post something Timiebi! hehehehe 🙂

So I set out to do just that; post! That’s when it all went downhill, you know what quirkies,  having a great idea and translating that to reality can sometimes  be a pain. What do you do when you’re stuck? If you’re like me you rummage through “DraftsVille, yes old and faithful drafts section. I never I knew I had that much uncompleted posts *covers face* anyways this title drew my attention and I was like okay let’s see what you have to say oh wrestling worship draft 2 🙂

Oh the worshiper in me wants to be free
From the cares of life that seems to weigh me down
yes the worshiper in me needs consistency
to lift my hands to give you praise when no ones around

Oh the worshiper in me wants to break free
from the intellectual mentality
like when I should be up, I’m seated in my seat
I should be lifting my hands giving you praise and glory….
I should be giving you more
I should be giving you more
I wanna give my best to you
i wanna do what you asked me to
i wanna go wherever you say
just say the word and I’ll obey
I wanna live a life that’s real
I wanna serve you lord for real
for you deserve all this and more
so I give you more
I give you more more.


My beautiful quirkies, God is an awesome God! I was listening to More by Lawrence Flowers and I was left speechless for a moment. This post is exactly what God wants to happen today. Sometimes we feel heavy and can’t worship him freely, we are often held bound by ourselves; by our unworthiness, by sin or just the ” Lord I’m tired, when will you show up” mentality.

” What does this song have to do with wrestling worship?” you ask.  Hold on I’ll tell you, to me, it says that God deserves MORE; more than closing our eyes, lifting of hands and raising our voices. We need to break free of the weights and our mentalities about what worship is. God needs persistence, consistency, holding on like Jacob and us understanding that He deserves more, much more than we now give him.

I pray that as we worship Him, we understand it’s okay to not feel it, it’s okay to struggle wrestle with Him until He goes  ” <InsertName> I have heard you, peace be still “or whatever it is you want Him to do for you. Hold on and be strong for in your place of worship, peace will come.

I’ll leave you all with the song and I pray it blesses you. Have a wonderful weekend and don’t forget someone is waiting on your beautiful smile, don’t disappoint them ; SMILE, SMILE, SMILE

3 thoughts on “Wrestling Worship

  1. Experiencing the wrestle with God is like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. The process can be tedious but worth the results. There’s a peace that overtakes you when you are done and a grin that cant be wiped off your face. I testify that the Lord is good and is awesome in all His ways.


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