The girl in the Burgundy Shoes 


I used to worry I wasn’t pretty enough

That I wasn’t cool enough

That I didn’t speak nor act right

That I couldn’t conform

That I needed to try a bit more

More like hide a bit more!

Then it hit me, I could never be pretty/cool/eloquent enough

Not when I judge myself by other people’s standards

I looked myself hard in the mirror

And I knew….

I knew I was more than enough

Then I said to myself

Timiebi, you are everything a woman can ever be;

Strong, intelligent, emotional, funny and most importantly ; ANYTHING she CHOOSES to be!
So today, I choose to be the ODD girl in the BURGUNDY shoes!




Happy Monday beautiful people. I hope we are all having a great week. I posted that photo a few weeks on Instagram , made a draft here with the hopes of expanding but that didn’t go as planned.

To be true to yourself, you need to be a master at shutting some/every thing out.  You need to add a filter to your life (yay filter), filtering only things that improve you, not letting people’s perception of you be the norm.

Understanding that you can choose to be whatever you want to, that you’re more than what you see in the mirror, or what someone repeatedly says to you. No, you are more than all of that.

This process can be is hard but when done properly, you reveal the true essence of who you are. So today, forget about what you’re not, concentrate on what you are, soak that information up and revel in the knowledge that you are special(warts and all).

I don’t know if this makes sense but just had to write it 🙂 It’s been ages since I’ve been here. One vital update though; uni is “partly” over!!! *woot woot* No more 9am classes, coursework deadlines, group work, heart palpitation hehehe :D. I still have my dissertation but the pressure or is it stress is over for now,  so I should hopefully be back here more often, so yes I’m looking forward to it.

Have a blessed week, I will definitely talk to y’all soon.. *Sigh* it just hit me how much I’ve missed doing this 😦 okay before I get all emosh on y’all, I’ll stop here 🙂

Smile at someone today, because…you already know why *wink* #SuperSmile #BestSuperPowerEver

8 thoughts on “The girl in the Burgundy Shoes 

  1. Amazing stuff. i have a draft of this nature too but i want to tone down the TMI untol then i cant post. love you and everything t=you write! #groupiealert


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