Lies Men Tell

do not lieHey quirkies!!!! As promised, I’m catching up on my uni-imposed post drought. Hehehe

Lying in bed at 1:46am, thinking about my life experiences, people around me etc. inspired this post.
I wonder why people lie, now before we get all riled up, I lie too, so this is not a bash men post. Disclaimer; the word “men” used in this post refers to humans both male and female.

The aim of this post is not to judge or bring anyone down but to understand why someone will confess one thing and then do another. Why? Why? Why? (Yes I’m part of the why movement, search #whywave or #whymovement on Instagram and thank me later 😀 )

Life has taught me that no matter how bad it may get, letting someone know exactly how it is, is the best way. No fakery, no games, and this is not exclusive to boy-girl relationships, any relationship requires transparency, and the understanding that no matter how long it may take, lies eventually get uncovered.

For me this can be likened to our relationship with God, we tell him what we think He wants to hear/what we think is expected of us/get excited and profess things(sweet nothings), but we end up doing otherwise.
We hurt him with our actions, making His sacrifice on the cross irrelevant (Lord forgive us for we definitely know not what we do).

As God expects us to be real with Him, telling Him exactly how it is (Remember He knows all; Psalm 139 verse 1-5) we should extend that attitude to people around us. Not letting lies, deceit be a tag people know us by, don’t get me wrong, it’s not an easy feat but the great thing about this is; it is a process, which means you can always improve, get better at being a man/woman of integrity.

Source : @puredatingtips (instagram)
Source : @puredatingtips (instagram)
So today, I beg of you to be real with people around you. Don’t lead that guy on if you know it’s heading nowhere, don’t tell that girl she’s the one when there are several “ones”, don’t say what you know that person craves to hear so you can get something out of them.

Work on yourself, work on your relationship with God and as you grow, you begin to think and act like a true disciple of Christ, one of which is; a life of integrity. Yes, lies decrease your integrity as a person, remember what happened to the boy who cried wolf (Nobody believes a liar…even when he is telling the truth!)

Being truthful is a desirable quality,  for me it’s been added to my long list of requirements, not as long as the ones on NaijaSingleGirl’s post but yeah I too have a list ( please don’t ask me what’s on this list of mine).
I digress, back to the subject at hand. To anyone I have hurt with my lies ( knowingly / unknowingly) I apologise publicly, I am sincerely sorry . To those who hurt me with their lies, I’m also publicly saying I forgive you.

I urge you to reach out to people you know have hurt you/you have hurt and let them know you forgive them/are sorry. One of the perks of growing in Christ is wisdom; owning your faults and making amends. It is hard o, not for the fainthearted but it brings peace as well as closure. Try it and let me know how it goes *fingers-crossed*

Obeying God is hard but goodPhew I’m so happy I wrote this, it was therapeutic, now off to make those hard calls, asking for forgiveness/giving forgiveness is a ghenghen thing 😀 (update, I made those calls and as hard as they were I’m glad I did). The quote above was coined from a conversation I had with my friend OmoLara of SupremeLikeMe  earlier today.

Have a wonderful day and always remember your smile is the best thing about someone’s day so smile, smile, and smile!

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