Far east, Far west

forgivenThere have been many times that I have thought that my singleness and childlessness is a punishment for everything that I have done wrong in my life. I have felt that there is no possible way that God would ever give me the opportunity to marry again because I was unfaithful during my marriage. I have felt that God would never give me the opportunity to date again because I was unable to keep my vow to remain abstinent in past relationships. I have been tortured by the thought that I will never have children because, in a moment of irresponsibility, I prayed that I would rather never be pregnant than be pregnant at that time. 

But, as awful as the mistakes are that I have made, God’s forgiveness covers them all. God does not lie. If His Word says, He removes our sins as far as the east is from the west, then that means that He forgives and He forgets.

So, why do we dwell on the past and sins that have been erased? For me, I know that the concept is difficult to grasp. It is unfathomable that someone cares enough about me to clean up all of the filthy places in my life. I believe we find all of this so incredible because we struggle to forgive others and to forgive ourselves. Nonetheless, as complex as this kind of love is to understand and display, this is the kind of love that God gives to us and through us, and once we accept that we are forgiven, we can have peace in our lives and move forward.

Now, of course, the devil is beside himself with glee every time we doubt God’s forgiveness. Satan wants us to live in the past. Our past is his greatest weapon because he has no idea what our future holds. Our enemy wants us to feel beaten, broken, and blasphemous. If he can keep us feeling like God cannot love us, then we will not love ourselves. When we do not love ourselves, it is impossible to love others properly. Recognize this lie from the pits of hell and know that you are forgiven. You are loved by God. No one can take that love and forgiveness away.

The only person that God ever said was, “a man after My own heart,” was an adulterer and a murderer. This does not mean that sin is acceptable; it does mean that God looks in the heart. And, if we, like David, are truly repentant, God forgives us, forgets the sin, and forms a future for us according to His Will.

Thank You, God for Your forgiveness. Please forgive me for the times that I have sinned and for the times I have refused to forgive those who sin against me.
Lord, please help me to be confident in the face that I am forgiven and that You have forgotten. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.
– ©Pray while you’re prey devotion plan for singles

you are not your mistakeI read this and I was like yasss!! yass!! this is me!! Forgetting that God’s forgiveness is unconditional, independent of how I feel or what I’ve done. The beauty of this great God is that He doesn’t care about what you think you are or how dirty you see your past is, all He wants is YOU!! You are a new creature and as you daily give yourself to Him, your life is renewed. So my beautiful quirky, stop beating yourself about your past and completely accept Christ’s forgiveness. YOU ARE NOT YOUR MISTAKE!! The love God has for you although it might seem complex is so real,  never ever let anything make you miss out on that great love away!

I hope this has encouraged someone as it did me, I’m looking forward to tomorrow, super excited!!
Have a great day and make someone’s day with your beautiful smile 🙂

11 thoughts on “Far east, Far west

  1. The first sentence sounds very harsh “your singleness and childlessness”. Until you are way approaching your 40’s or even 50’s i don’t think these words apply. So please never think this of yourself or your situation. You are a vibrant young lady who has beautiful years ahead of you and your plus is definitely knowing God’s awesome power. xoxoxoxoxo.


    1. Thank you MFA xxx I embrace my vibrancy, youthfulness and beautiful years.
      That sentence is the author’s story aha not mine, not in that stage yet 😀


    1. That’s it! We want to carry that guilt as a punishment. Whom the son has set free…

      May the Lord open our eyes to see the extent of his forgiveness; everlasting !


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