Drop it and walk away!

Frank Edwards – Drop it at my feet

Verse 1: 

I am the Lord, I heard your cry
No need to worry, no need to fear anymore
Bring it all, bring it on
Drop it at my feet

It doesn’t matter what the doctor said to you
Drop it at my feet
It doesn’t matter what you’ve been going through
Drop it at my feet
It may have been there for 10 years or more
Please drop it at my feet

Verse 2: 

I laid my life just that you might be free
I bled and died but then I rose again
Drop it at my feet
The gate of hell could not prevail
Drop and walk away
Bring it on

The doctor said there’s no more hope for you
Drop it at my feet
He said you cannot walk again
Drop it at my feet
It doesn’t matter what they said to you
Drop it at my feet
Drop and walk away

Drop it at my feet and walk away
Drop it at my feet
Drop it at my feet and walk away
Drop it at my feet
Drop it at my feet

(Singing in tongues)

I am God
I am the Almighty
I’ll hold you
I love you
I will never let you go
Don’t give up
Don’t you worry
I am God, I am the Almighty God

(Singing in tongues)
I am GOD , I am GOD

(Singing in tongues)

When you call me
I’ll be there
I’ll be there
I’ll be there
(Singing in tongues)


God is ableHappy Monday quirkies!!!! Today started a bit bleh, I was having proper Monday blues and was on the verge of signing on to the “I hate Mondays” fan club *sigh* pray for me o! Mondays can be trying as literally any and everything that can go wrong goes wrong on this great day!! Anyhoo, I’m over it( faith-confession 😀 )

I reconnected with Frank Edwards’ music last week and I’ve been on a high with this particular song. I’m sure if you have a read through the lyrics at the top, you’ll begin to understand how I feel and why I’m addicted to this song.

I’m guilty of dropping my burdens at the feet of the Master and picking it up when I leave. Imagine me in the place of prayer ” Oh Lord, I can’t do this anymore, I lay it all before you, take it all”… A few hours/days/weeks later “this burden is too much o”. I’m still wondering when and how I go back to pick it up (please don’t judge o 😛 )

When I think of how this act sabotages the move of God in many situations I can’t help but cry. His word says “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest(Matthew 11:28 NLT).  His shoulders are not too narrow, neither is any burden too heavy for him, yet we continually struggle and are sometimes crushed by these burdens.

I want you to picture someone asking for your help, you’ve sorted out everything; strategy, tools, resources, you name it! You’re about to start the process and resolve the issue and then they go “nah I’m good I’ll do it myself”, do you have that mental picture now? Can you feel the hurt, anger and maybe disappointment this can cause? Imagine God saying my child I am able, drop it and walk away, let it go, I’ve got this but still we want to carry this load, hian!

The thought of doing this to my father, burden bearer, comforter just saddens me. If you’re like me and are gradually understanding the size of God’s capabilities, join me in this prayer of repentance today.

Lord I’m sorry for the times I’ve hurt you with my distrust and sheer unbelief. I’m sorry for forgetting that whatever I drop at your feet should never be picked up. I’m sorry for trying to solve them myself. Father, give me the grace to fully trust You, to fully understand that you are God by yourself and do not need help being God, especially my help. Thank you for the freedom you give when I come to you. Today I drop ALL my burdens and I walk away from them not because I’m afraid but because I know you have more than capable of handling them!

If you joined me in the saying that short prayer, I want to congratulate us on the first step to living a worry-free life! Yay!!!! God has indeed got us! Like the song says, don’t you worry, He is the almighty. It doesn’t matter what the doctor, lawyer, bills, situation etc says He is more than able to take it. When you call Him, he will answer, submit to the Lord and let Him play his roles in your life!

I hope this has encouraged one person today, even if it hasn’t I have been encouraged by writing it 🙂 Have a wonderful week and never forget to brighten someone’s day with your great smile.

I’ll leave you with the song “Drop it at his feet” by Frank Edwards. You can also search for him on YouTube and be blessed by his other songs! I love how he hollers God’s name in Igbo and other languages, it provokes me to worship and praise this great God.


One thought on “Drop it and walk away!

  1. My emotions be getting a better part of me. I drop them, walk away and somehow find them in my arms again. I need to let go and let God. I need that peace that comes from letting go. To continue to carry is to burden myself unnecessarily, but when emotions are involved it becomes difficult.


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