Teethfies, Social Media hustle and Christmas

cropped-img_0851.jpgHey quirkies!!!!!! *Shouting loud to distract you from the “where has she been thoughts” hehehe 😀 Just gaze at my teethfie (Teeth-Selfie) and forgive me please 😥
I know I don’t have any excuse so I won’t even try to say anything. I took a month of social media  for my yearly social media break. For the newbies, this is something I do at least once a year, I take time off to bond physically with people, give my phone battery’s life span a rest, appreciate the beauty of phone calls hehehe and just generally give myself a break from the world known as Social media.

I’m sure a few people know I went back to university for a masters(eMarketing & Social Media) and this also affected my social media hiatus this year as social media was a huge part of the course. Imagine, I was only able to do this last month, this time last year I had gone off twice! Okay, I’ll admit the threats I received from my friends might have played a huge role in my decision making process as well! 😀

You can also follow my marketing page on Facebook : Quirkymarketer , it’s not been updated in a while but you can see my small-small progress with this thing called social media marketing.
P.S I’m looking for paid/unpaid digital marketing/social media internships within the UK and Nigeria, anyone with details please help a sister out, my CV on standby! Ever ready (~_-)

Anyways, I want to say I’m back on here but we know how that works hehehehe. So let’s see how it goes and  I’ll hopefully publish a few more posts in the drafts folder.
19 WEEKSP.S its 19weeks to Christmas!!!!! Just thought to make someone feel the same way I did when I saw it too ;stopped breathing for 30 seconds hehehehe!!

Have a wonderful weekend and don’t forget to bless someone with your amazing smile!!:)

3 thoughts on “Teethfies, Social Media hustle and Christmas

  1. Congrats dear. I didn’t know there is a course like social media marketing for masters. I’m trying to improve myself cos I want to run a digital marketing firm someday and of course, hit 150 IG followers before christmas


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