Comfortable with God’s love

loving God's way

Reading this scripture inspired a few quotes/insights on loving someone God’s way, here’s a few things I came up with;

  1. I love you because God loves me and even loves you more.
  2. To fully love another person, you must understand and completely accept the love God has for you.
  3. When you fully accept God’s love, then it can overflow into another person’s life.
  4. A successful relationship depends on each person’s ability to love themselves, God and then one another.
  5. When you become comfortable with God’s love, another person’s declaration of love doesn’t scare, intimidate or confuse you.

So here I am fulfilling my promise of posting something soon (yippie!). The beauty of the list above is that it is not limited to a boy-girl relationship, it cuts across a lot of relationships; father-daughter, frenemies, church members,  friendships etc.

other ways to say i love you
source : instagram

Saw the photo above on Instagram and I was in tears  hehehehe is it true? According to the comment on the page I saw this, this is synonymous with Nigerians! I want to believe we have other ways of showing love o, hehehehe 😀 Are there other ways you show your significant other you love them? Let me know in the comment section.

How’s your week coming along? I am having a great day;now this is me faith-speaking here as I’m feeling some type of way.
Since I started working, I’ve been having the Monday blues and all I want to do at the end of work is to sleep! Anyhoo, happy happy thoughts.

Have a blessed week and always remember someone out there looks forward to your smiles everyday, so smile like you never have this week.

So I’ve been listening to a lot of Nigerian music(did someone say they’re proud of me? Hehehe).
I’ll leave y’all with this super sweet video by one of my fav singers; Adekunle Gold. I hope you enjoy it and I’ll talk to y’all later 🙂

Here’s Orente  by Adekunle Gold


2 thoughts on “Comfortable with God’s love

  1. I like #3.. It all begins from that.. Great song too (even though I haven’t got a clue besides the video and your post which seems to suggest it is about love)


    1. I like #3 too. The song is about love as you deduced. it’s a love song about the faithfulness of a woman(his orente) who adores a man despite all the odds against them.


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