Pile it on!! 

Pile it on Jesus
I opened my bible app on Sunday afternoon and this was the scripture of the day, I was like yaaaassss Lord!! (Allow my “ratchetness” hehehe)

For someone who has recently discovered that she has control issues, this was like a cup of cold water on a hot London summer day( trust me it does get HOT when the sun decides to show up here 😛 )

Today I’m encouraging someone who’s struggling to let go or just wants to give up at the sheer weight of your burden, God’s shoulders are big, strong and wide enough for whatever your troubles are.

He will not let you go into ruin, aha He is more so much more than able, He’ll carry your load, He will completely help you, no half-solutions with my Him. Philippians 1:6 buttresses this point “Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ:” He will complete all He has promised you. Also, remember that His word(I’m paraphrasing here) will not return to him empty and must accomplish what he sent it out to do (Isaiah 55:11).

As we go into this week, relax and PILE it all on the Lord and watch Him carry you as well as your troubles. May this week filled with peace, joy and blessings and may you be free of any and every weight that easily besets you.

Make someone’s week by giving them your best smile, your smile is a seed that grows and bears fruit; your smile will influence another person to smile and another and another… the cycle goes on!

Oh I almost forgot this!!!!! I can’t believe I missed it, Quirkytims; the blog was 4 years old yesterday!!! 06/09/2011… The day I created this blog *insert melancholic/deep thoughts inducing music* hehehehe 😀 I think we have come a very long way! Anyways, I am  err the blog is open to receiving gifts *wink wink*

4 years on!!!!
                         4 years on!!!!

I’ll leave y’all with this beautiful song I stumble upon on Saturday as I was basking in my cleaning life(yes I know I have a cleaning problem!) it’s by Freke Umoh, I’ll leave the story of how I found this song in the next post 🙂
I’m a sucker for good music and this IS good music, but the tongues spoken by Freke, ehn, someone please help a sister out with the interpretation :)Talk to y’all later and have a wonderful week.

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