Will you be my blankie, Teddy Bear and Kleenex tissue?



Friends are like your teddy bear.
They comfort you when you cry.

Friends are like your cosy pillow or your favourite blankie.
They’re warm and keep you safe.

Friends are like your Kleenex tissue;
For wiping your runny nose and teary eyes.

Friends are always there with you.
Always a text, phone call, email away
Sometimes apart but they will always be in your heart

Friends make each other look like fools
but they still have fun.
Friends make you laugh uncontrollably.

Friends are like your piggy bank;
Your secrets are safe with them.

Friends are your partners in crime
They are a strategic part of implementing your nefarious plans

Friends are like a glass of cold lemonade on a sunny day;

Today, I promise to be your teddy bear
Your comfort pillow
Your favourite blankie, and Kleenex tissue

I promise to be a great friend
I promise to pick you up when you fall.
I promise to laugh with you when you laugh

You are my friend
You are my family
From now on, we are one.

I promise to be your teddy bear, your favourite blankie and your Kleenex tissue.

Friends; today tomorrow and forever!


Today’s post was inspired by a book I’m reading; Kiwi Romance by Alexia Praks & Wanitta Praks, you can get a copy from the iBook store. Some of the words used in  the “poem” above are  from the book but some are what friends mean to me. For those wondering, nope it’s not a motivational or inspiring book, it is a romance novel (Biko romance novel readers let me see you in the comment section!! I know I am not alone)

Anyways, the conversation was between three little girls and they were explaining what a friend is, the words used were sweet, simple but true and I just had to write about this beautiful thing called FRIENDSHIP.

Over the years I have been blessed to come across wonderful people who I know call friends, I’m one of those people who will argue that I don’t have many friends and this is half-true as I like to think I have more “acquaintances” than I do friends. The reason I say this is because I know what friendship is and will not use the word lightly.I was about typing “true friends” but realised if I qualify friendship then I’m taking away from the word but I digress(topic for another day, perhaps?).

A friend is someone you choose err sometimes you don’t get to choose, they make you their friend by fire by force, ask my friend Peter (yes, I walked up to him in class one day and said you are my friend from today hehehe) Shout out to “The Three” , Peter is married now so Ola should we say “The Four”? Oya see me in “camera” let us discuss 😛

2Friends are the people you can call on a whim and they are there. They always have your back, they defend you, they annoy the heck out of you but you cannot see your future without them. You sometimes picture your children and theirs playing in a backyard somewhere and you all gisting about the “good ol days”, yes I know I have  a vivid imagination. Remember, you have to see it to achieve it or something along those lines…. 😛

Today, I want to thank the wonderful people I call friends, I will try to mention a few names but if you are my friend and I’ve omitted your name, you will not be angry because you know how forgetful I sometimes am(yes I don set trap for una, you must love me by fire by force) and to you lovely person reading this, take time out today and show your friends love.

My beautiful friends, I want to let you know that I’ve pictured my life without you and it seems bleh, so please don’t stop being friends with me even when I’m being Timiebi. So here’s a big shoutout to some of my peeps(in no particular order abeg o): Bimpe, Omobolu, Olusegun, Omotara, Faith, Omolara, Denike, Tolulope, Jojoloreoluwa, Michelle, Peter, Vicky, Omolola Heart, Opeyemi, Yewande, Terry, Yinka, Marshall, Abigail, Olaolu,  Nonso, Gbola, Ayokunle… Okay so I just realised I have been blessed with so many friends but I will stop here and not turn this to a name palooza!(remember if your name is not here, you cannot be angry at me o and I love you to infinity and beyond!!!)

Phew, I feel so happy and blessed, oya my friends make sure you read, COMMENT(so they know you are real) and share. I just realised today is the last day of month, we made it through 9 months of the year 2015! Happy New month, err in advance sha 🙂 May October be all you want and need it to be!

HAPPY NEW MONTHHappy new month in advance beautiful people and keep on smiling! To my wonderful Nigerians and Nigerians by association, I say a big HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY in advance!!!! I pray you grow into the great, peaceful and beautiful country that we all know you can be, and may all you need(skills, people, resources etc.) to make this happen be yours my dear Nigeria.

Woop Woop!!!!!! Okay then I am proud of myself because I made sure I completed this blog post before 5pm, now to PUBLISH!!! Love you quirkies and I will see you in the next post.

15 thoughts on “Will you be my blankie, Teddy Bear and Kleenex tissue?

  1. First friend present. Love you babe. You’ve been my pillow, kleenex and more. I hate teddy bears lol
    sorry hun no backing with the romance novels you’re on your own darling!
    Thanks for being the expressive friend and not counting my fault (don’t get much of that)


    1. “Thanks for being the expressive friend” this warmed my heart, love you babes and please you need to put those law books for a bit and try romance novel 😛


  2. Awwwww, you made me weepy. Beautiful posts. Friends are like bras, always ready to hoist your sails even when you are parked at the bay. Sheeeet


  3. And that’s how I made the list. yippeeeee. Timiebi, thanks for being a friend and apologies for reading this late


  4. This is what I get for being lazy to read my emails: I get to be the last to see these stuff. Dawn, you’re that friend worth dedicating a book to. Heck, you’re that friend one can write a book about. I like that you appreciate our friendship. Thanks for placing me in the list :))


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