My Learning Curves 

Whatever decision you make, ensure it’s truly yours and nobody else’s because when push comes to shove it’s your reasons that keep you sane.

I’m gradually learning to say No and not have to give reasons or explanations, learning to unchain myself from the famous chains of “what will people say”.
Relearning that you can’t be friends with everyone and not everyone will like you and it’s OKAY! Surrounding yourself with people who can be real with you is a GREAT move.

Believing in love in all its forms; love of God, love of family, love of friendship and the love of a man and woman.

Refusing to accept the whisper of fears and what they tell me about love and life.

I am also accepting that I have many faults and daily trying to own them, learning not to judge people who fail to see their faults.

Understanding that we all have different learning curves and as much as I want a person to grow, change or improve, I must patiently wait for them to do it on their own!

Accepting that life is filled with lots of disappointments and although therapeutic to wallow in them sometimes, you need to move past it and surge on. Working on facing my fears.

Re-teaching myself that “People use people”. It used to annoy me and ruin great days but now I appreciate the fact that someone chose me to help them, yes help! Swap use for help like I did and you’re good to go!

Starting to love the freedom that comes from not following the rules! I remember how I cringed when I texted first or when I said I like you but oh the freedom it brought. Miss him/her? Tell them! Waiting for them to message first? Heck no! Do it first, not so you win but because games are so not you! I’ve practised living and being free in 2015.

Please I beg of you, your life is to be enjoyed, every single part of it; good, bad, happy, embarrassing, mistakes! Don’t let “what will people say?”, past hurts and most especially FEAR stop you.

Live free and be free without any apologies!


Please like, share and comment, I love hearing from you, it makes my day. Anne Atulaegwu(check out her website) reached out to me on Facebook, saying she found the blog when she searched for Frank Edward’s “Drop it at my feet”. That Facebook message was the high point of my day! Thanks for following through Anne * super hug*

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Okay mini “marketing” done!

I’ll leave you with my song of the month; You are the Reason by Mario Ese. It’s been a blessing to me and I hope it blesses you as well. Enjoy!
Happy Wednesday, keep on SMILING 🙂 and working at LIVING FREE and BEING FREE! Talk to y’all later 🙂

4 thoughts on “My Learning Curves 

  1. You read my mind and posted my thoughts. Thank you.

    It’s OK not to be friends with everyone. It’s OK to let a restrictive friendship go. It’s OK not to want to explain yourself. It’s OK to want the best for yourself. No need to keep the shackles on. Let loose, be free. Try your best, be your best and watch the best happen to you.

    Thank you


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