Hello from the other side 


Hello it’s me, I was wondering if after all the non-posting on here you’ll still love me….
Hello quirkies, life has been great; I choose not to use any negative word(Yay me!). Everyday I think about this blog and how I should press the publish button on the many drafts ready to go, but do I? Nope I don’t, so here I am singing Adele’s song and hoping that’ll warm me back into your hearts (yes I am that corny 😛 )

So what have I been up to? I went to Nigeria!!! Yes you read it right, I was there for 24 days  and all I can say is thank You Lord. This post is just an updated random “let me blog and update my quirkies that I am alive and somewhat well 🙂 , I should’ve posted it while I was in Nigeria but life happened! So I’ll be writing more in past tense, forgive me i pray thee 🙂

My trip of course morphed into one or two posts and hopefully I’ll talk about what my eyes saw ; from short tempered conductors to unprofessional customer service people, to the impatient bystander, the trip was all kinds of interesting. I got on buses and my first ever Uber ride. My GLO( A Nigerian telecom provider) line was err poopyface -_- as I type this I can hear my brother and my friend Nonso laughing at me when I initially told them I got the GLO line because they had cheaper data bundles and there was no queue( yes laugh away -_- )

*Sidebar* Remember how I said this was a post from last year? You do? Oh that’s good! (*_~)  Anyways I had one post that was supposed to end 2015 err and that didn’t happen too *super sigh* For about two years, I have been doing a post about the things I’m thankful for, you can read the 2013 version here and the 2014 version here but as life got in the way of blogging and a few things I decided to do something different: What 2015 taught me. It will be an accumulation of what I’ve learnt, seen, what’s happened to my friends and life generally. I started the post a few  months ago so the list is a bit extensive. I promise I will make it up to everyone and publish this interesting post in a few days. I want to say a big thank you so much for letting me be myself on here and yes I am emotional 😛

*Second sidebar* It was my birthday a few weeks ago (Feb 12) mehn it was an emotional day, let’s see how the spirit leads and i might write a post 🙂 I want to say a big thank you to everyone who showed me love in different ways, God bless you all!! 


black haired Timiebi
My black hair 🙂
Here’s my lovely face, P.S I now have black hair!!!! So all the silent haters of my blonde abi golden hair have come out with their unsolicitated comments but I still love them 😛 
*Third Sidebar* The blog is going through a mini facelift, let me know what you think about the “new look”. Taking the process very slow so there’s no drastic makeover here, post after post, you will see these changes 🙂 We’re also on Facebook now, please click here to like and share with friends, family and foes 🙂 

I’ll leave you with a video of a worship song I heard on my trip to Nigeria (Virtues Christian Centre Choir is the bomb! )  Song title:  You are great by Steve Crown. 

Have a lovely week and don’t forget; your smile is the best thing about someone’s day, don’t hoard it.


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