Jesus not Bunnies

Happy Easter
In a world of easter egg hunts, chocolate and bunnies, never forget that Easter is about the love story between God and man. A time to remind us that God’s love for us is without repentance and no matter how far we stray, it’s never too late to come back to Him.
The death and resurrection of Christ is the reason we have direct access to the throne. As Jesus died the veil was torn(Matthew 27:50-51); this means we don’t priests, no sacrifices, no long procedure, just a yearning to hear from Him. He died knowing that I was a sinner, He knew I would turn my back on Him sometimes, He knew I would make mistakes a gazillion times yet He still died. He died and then crowned it all up by resurrecting to make sure that the power of death was conquered FOREVER!
I spent the better part of today in bed(yes Judge Judy, I didn’t go to church) feeling poorly and just not in the mood to deal with anything or anyone, I’m make a VERY cranky patient! Anyways an hour ago i decided to post a photo on our Facebook page and went about creating it on Canva, halfway into it I just knew it had to be more than the eggs and bunny template before me so I went to work and made the image.
I put it up on Facebook and typed a couple of lines but I wasn’t satisfied until I opened word pressed and started typing here and behold a post is born! Yes i’m embracing being random and I love it!!!
Have a wonderful week and always remember that your smile is the best thing about someone’s day so SMILE away!!!

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