I’m relocating…

Being a human being is hard! So many rules: spoken and unspoken, weird and sane and some downright bonkers!! Even when you try to remain neutral, you might end up with a set of labels; lackadaisical, nonchalant, carefree, easy etc. so then you try having an opinion, that doesn’t seem to help because you’re smacked from all sides with another set of labels; opinionated, cocky, a know it all, conceited etc.

Okay so all that has happened but you refuse to give up and you try to fight for something you believe in, you are tagged an ovasabi who won’t mind their business and when you oppose something, you’re a cold-hearted devil-spawn with no human feelings.

You text, it gets misconstrued so you then try to call but your tone of voice is used as a yardstick and not the actual words you say, you write an email worthy to be added to the Epistles hall of fame but one line is chosen as reference, you get fed up and actively practice the code of silence both literally and figuratively but once again labels get thrown at you from all sides; snob, loner, maybe a stiff-neck and some might go as far as calling you a pretender.

Adult Human beings are the epitome of the word complicated, too many labels being thrown around, people subtly conforming to the very standards they fight against, the hatred for one another piling and the people who dare to question this “norm” are thrown to the “wolves”.

“What’s the essence of this long post?”you ask, well,  I’m relocating to Mars!!!!!!!!

Men are from Mars
I hear that’s where men are from and maybe I might learn one or two things about them and in turn save the world.

Disclaimer: I do not think men are the problem, I’m just tired and need to relocate somewhere, I would’ve gone to Venus but that planet is the playground of the devil and his henchmen;HOT! HOT! HOT! and I assure you I do not look good BURNT! Moreover, I cannot come and go and die 🙂

Talk to y’all later 🙂


See how I refused to acknowledge my mini hiatus? hehehehehe!!! My conscience was doing me “gbimgbim” so address it I have 😀  Baby girl has been in her “feels” for a while now and the inspiration to do anything blogging is on -1000. Let us take this moment to bless the Lord for the grace to do something today *insert favourite worship  song*.

I’ll leave you with a medley of songs from my current favourite album; The Glory Experience by Uche Agu, I couldn’t find my specific song; Jehovah on Youtube so had to stick with this medley. If you’re on Spotify, here’s a link to the album, you can also search on iTunes if you’re in the US, sadly it’s not available in the UK store 😦

Big shout out to Bobo of The B-Experience who got me on this tune! Love you B :* Have a wondeful weekend and keep on smiling 🙂 Here’s African Worship Medley by Uche Agu

4 thoughts on “I’m relocating…

  1. Nice piece. Labels everywhere. You fall in love sef, they label you a womanizer. You dont, they say you are gay. You ask her out, she doesn’t take you seriously. You don’t, they say you are a weakling


  2. You talk boldly, they say you are rude, you don’t, they say you are timid. SMH
    We want to kill ourselves with labels noni. The lesson I’m taking away from this post, no one can be satisfied. *Walking away to satisfy myself*


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