Lola made me do it!


Hello, Bonsoir *awkward silence* *cricket sounds* Hi, Hola………..

I don’t know how to start or what to do but a conversation with my friend Omolola(hence the title) so here I am redeeming said promise!  I don’t think I’ll bother with sweeping the cobwebs off this page, we need to call in the Ghostbusters to take charge (-_-).  I can’t believe it’s been 4 months since my last postI am alive and well incase you’re wondering 🙂

Yay us!!!!
                                        Yay us!!!!

Anyways, I opened up the blog and what do I find? it’s our anniversary!!! It has been 5 years since I decided to start up a blog! Wow I can’t even believe it’s been this long, can someone give God a shout of praise!!!!!

I think I should have a giveaway or something at the end of the year; ideas, sponsorship etc. enthusiastically welcomed. Seriously, do not hesitate, let me know what your thoughts are. I want to thank you, yes you! you’re the reason we have come this far, all the highs, lows, all round craziness and a dash of awesome. You are the reason I do this; your comments, likes, harassment when I don’t post, critic, silent admiration, sharing. I think I need a moment (-_-)  so emotional…

Over the next few days and hopefully for a long time, I will be active on the blog and force myself to get into it no matter what happens. You see, I’ve been struggling a bit with life and I didn’t feel comfortable enough sharing that on here but I also felt it would be fraudulent to write about something else; the thought process around this is a bit hazy so pardon me 🙂

However, the great thing is I am alive and well – I will continue to be by the mercies of the Lord. What’s been going on with you? let me know in the comment section. I’m also toying with making a video series, apparently I’m dulling myself with this; this was a feedback I got on one of my snapchat videos posted on Facebook. Wait are you even following me on Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram? Oya search for me now and get in on the awesomeness that is Timiebi.(if I don’t hype me who will?)

Instagram – @quirkytims
Snapchat – @quirkytims
Twitter – @quirkytims
Facebook – Quirkytims

Until we meet again (which might be in a few hours hehehe) I’ll leave you with this song from Travis Greene’s new album, it has blessed me tremendously and I pray it does the same and much more for you. It’s been my jam for about month now.

Here’s The Hill by Travis Greene. Enjoy and I’ll talk to y’all later (*_*)

2 thoughts on “Lola made me do it!

  1. “Over the next few days and hopefully for a long time, I will be active on the blog and force myself to get into it no matter what happens.”
    You pwomissed!!


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