Lagos is 4 hours away! 

Lagos is 4 hours away

Lagos is 4 hours away

You’re going to Lagos

The fare is 2050

You have 2 children

The total fare is 6150


Lagos is 4 hours away

You get to the bus garage

He shouts “Lagos 1, Lagos 1”

You say okay but I have 2 children

He asks “Se o leru o?”

You reply “rara o!”


Lagos is 4 hours away

Your children arrive

Nowhere to sit

The bus is full

Because Lagos 1, Lagos 1


Lagos is 4 hours away

You are begging

Ejoo ma, ejoo sir

E ma binu

E bami help omo yin


Lagos is 4 hours away

Madam, he is not my son

Not my brother, he’s yours

Not my aburo, abeg commot

We succumb because begging

We succumb because not witches

We succumb because Lagos 1,Lagos 1

And you’re the one


Lagos is 4 hours away

Now we’re stuck

3 people on a seat now it’s 4

Your son keeps adjusting

My feet are swelling

My bum is hurting

My patience fading


Lagos is 4 hours away

But I cannot complain

Lagos is 4 hours away

It seems like a lifetime

But we’re still at the bus garage.

– ©quirkytims 2016.

My experience getting a bus from Akure to Lagos inspired the above piece. Yes, I’m back in Nigeria now and will hopefully  talk about it soon. It started off as a rant post  but it didn’t click so I decided to trust my instincts and just go with the word-flow.

Hello quirkies, I know, I know, I didn’t live up to my promise of coming back. I want to say I’m back for good but I’ll let my constant posting do the talking instead. I have missed each one of you and can’t wait to get back in the blogging spirit. I still have plans to do the giveaway as mentioned previously, still have a few ideas swirling around and trying to work out the kinks, everything should be in order before the end of the month, so pencil it down; WE ARE HAVING A GIVEAWAY!!!!!

Tomorrow, I’ll be making my first music review/promotion/advertisement. I’m excited for y’all to hear this artiste and be blessed by the song. The post will be up by midday tomorrow, so look out for it.

That’s it quirkies, have a productive week and never forget the life changing power of your smile!

Talk to y’all later xxx

4 thoughts on “Lagos is 4 hours away! 

  1. I can relate. It’s difficult traveling when you’re super uncomfortable. No one cares. Why should they when they have their own problems. The struggle will continue as long as no one cares.


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