Akirisore -Jedidiaah

14691107_1237582572929772_2854053253816329919_n source:www.jedidiaah.com           

When I was messaged about doing a post, I was like me ke? What do I know, how do I begin to talk about someone’s music? I was humbled that someone thought that highly about quirkytims *sniff sniff* 

Anyways, I rose up to the challenge, channelled the belief they had in me and decided to write about it. However, life got in the way of me doing this earlier than planned.

Thankfully, we are here and I’m doing this now so hurray!

After I was sent the link, I ;downloaded the song and played it over and over and over again. I didn’t read about her or her music so I wouldn’t be biased while I was listening and I must say I was pleasantly surprised.

I’m sure by now y’all know how much music means to me and I wouldn’t do this if it wasn’t something that blessed me. 

Back to the song Akirisore; the intro drew me in, I succumbed and let it wash over me, then she sang… Her voice is soothing and you can feel the love she has for God and the worship pouring out from within. The oríkì(praise) part of the song sealed it for me! I was brought to the praise side of Jedidiaah and couldn’t go back now. 

I’m sure like me you were intrigued by the name, her story is one that emphasises depending on the Lord for everything, even something as “simple” as a name. You can find out more about Jedidiaah on the About me page of the website.  

The album “The Big God In Me” will be out soon but you can download and  listen to her single Akirisore on her WebsiteI will also let you know when the album is out and how to get a copy and be blessed. 

I am certain you will be blessed as you listen and might join me on the constant replay side. If you enjoy the song(the way I know you will) please share the download link with friends, family, foes, acquaintances etc. 

Thank you again for taking out time to support Jedidiaah’s ministry. God bless you. 

Don’t forget you can download the song here: http://www.jedidiaah.com

Have a wonderful Tuesday and remember; your smile is the best thing about someone’s day, don’t hoard it! 

Talk to y’all later xxx

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