We have a plan! 

Hello Quirkies!!! I’m excited to be back, even though I never really left ( -_- )
I admit I did not stick to my “comeback” schedule as planned but the great thing is I’m here, you love and forgive me! *Group Hug!*

So after my pledge to do better in my previous post, I started making changes to the blog, this included a new look and a blog post schedule. Can someone please praise the Lord!!!N.B:Let me know what you think about the layout and general vibe of the blog.

I’m also working with someone to create a logo and new website that will carry the vision I have for the blog. *Lifts up hands in re-branding worship*Anyways, back to the matter at hand; implementing change for the blog, don’t worry this is good change and not the one we Nigerians are stuck with *cries in exchange rate*

I digress…. So, in the spirit of posting frequently and ending the year on a blog high, here’s the new schedule breakdown for the blog *INSERT THUNDEROUS APPLAUSE!!*


About a few months ago, I started posting rants on my Facebook page with the hashtag #MyDailyRant, this was largely inspired by the M is for Rant post I did in 2015.  So far, the Facebook rant has gained traction and now I have people sending me their own rants to post on my page.

With regards to the blog, I have decided to go with the hashtag #MondayRantday. Every Monday will be a day to vent about ANYTHING; things that personally pertain to me, my friends or just little things that do my head as I do life on a daily basis. I will start off with some of the rants I have posted on Facebook and we’ll move along from there. As I mentioned before, you can email me your rant and I’ll add my own “Efizzy” to spice it up and make it QuirkyTims-y!


Anyone that knows me knows that I LOVE cooking, it soothes me *in Brick’s voice* (Brick from The Middle) and since my friends will not let me be about getting this cooking thing started, I have decided to use the blog as a marketing medium(make school fess no waste) So while I’m trying to come up with a proper plan for my cooking business, I will be posting my all time favourite recipes, photos from previous cooking escapades, my cooking stories, tips etc. #WednesdayYumday is also open to anyone who wants to post their favourite recipe,cooking horror stories tips or cooking request etc. just shoot me an email!


Quirky Friday is a day of fun, a day we can talk about anything; from God, to relationships, friendships, love, sadness,travel, fashion etc. I mean ANYTHING!! This will also be a day when I will be featuring wonderful guest bloggers (please answer me when I beg for epp o!) I will also be accepting short stories, poetry, visually curated content etc. We are going to be random and have fun doing it!

That’s it people! we have a schedule, we have a plan and by the mercies of the Lord, we will stick to it! I’m so excited at the things we will accomplish with QuirkyTims. We are going to make this QuirkyFamily as large, interesting, educative and fun as we can, so tell your friends, family and foes to subscribe to the blog and like our Facebook Page.

The details for the GIVEAWAY are still been fine-tuned and I’ll let y’all know as soon as possible. If you know anyone who would like to sponsor it by giving out sample of products, money, time or anything else please contact me so we can get the ball rolling.

I’m so excited!!!!! Eeeekkkk!!!

Remember, your smile is a great tool for brighten someone’s day, dont hoard it!

Talk to y’all later

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