Runaway child


Have you ever been at that point where you can’t stop running anymore? It’s not because you’re energetic or Usain Bolt’s lost sibling, it’s just because you don’t know how to stop.
So you keep running, hoping He’ll chase you, hoping you’ll circle round and run into His arms, hoping, shouting, praying, whispering..

You know He loves you and your flaws,sins, unbelief makes Him yearn for that closeness you both once shared. You yearn for it too but you’re ashamed; ashamed you’ve strayed too far, ashamed that you said hurtful things to Him in your pain, afraid He won’t take you back.

Truthfully you’re just tired……

You’re tired of the pretence, the back and forth, lifting hands today and shouting at Him the next day.

If He can truly see your heart, why isn’t He listening to its deepest yearnings? Why can’t He hear you wonder if He’ll hold you when you stop and collapse? Why can’t He hear you reaching, struggling, failing?

Truthfully you’re just tired…….

Then you remember, He LOVES you not because of what you do but because of who He is!

A good father, a comforter, a friend, a succour. He will not judge you but welcome you back with open arms whenever you come to Him.

So you slow down, just a teeny bit, you’re still afraid to stop running but you slow down and let His love flow through you.

You let his love chip at your doubts/fears/pain, like a sculptor moulding an exquisite masterpiece. His unfailing, unchanging, unending love is mending you one step at a time until you come to a complete stop.

“No more running, no more running my child” He whispers to you….


Hello quirkies and welcome to #QuirkyFriday!! Apologies for posting late, it has been a busy day! phew! I used two different images because I couldn’t choose an image, so you get to enjoy two hehehehehe.

For a bit, I was stuck on what to write and as usual went into panic mode. I calmed down after a bit, rummaged through my drafts, saw a few posts but I kept coming back to this even though it only had a title and a scripture.

So I gave in, settled down and just typed. I’m hoping this will bless you like it did me while I was writing it. God’s love is what keeps me from buckling under the weight of life’s journey nad no matter how far I run from him He will never leave me nor forsake me. Go into the weekend with that understanding that he is a God of love and mercy, He is not standing in a corner waiting to bring down the hammer, He just wants to love you and ease you of the burdens you bear, so stop running away from Him.

If you’re still wondering what #QuirkyFriday is all about, it’s random, no holds barred, raw and heartfelt posts. They can range from my relationship with God, people, metal health, being female, work, family etc.

Not to worry though, it won’t always be about me, I’m open to guest posts as well so do not hesitate to contact me.

That’s it for #QuirkyFriday!! I’m so happy, week one of the new schedule is done!!!

Have a lovely weekend quirkies, remember to have a smile on your face for yourself first and then someone else.

Talk to y’all later xxxx

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