Vitamin O Giver


You go on someone’s social media page, read a post/watch a video, disagree with it and for some reason decide to comment on it by writing insults and throwing a busload of pettiness all masked as “your opinion”. You even go further and make a standalone post on your social media platforms as per Don of Opinionsville.

Your “opinion” backfires and people call you out for being; a “haturrr”, “Pettywap” or downright silly. Then you proceed to say you were just stating your opinion and not everyone has to agree with what was posted or my favourite, “I was just joking, people should stop taking social media too serious! LOL.”

Ezkizz ma/sir, you say what???

Your opinion on another person’s page? Ah when s/he is not a politician open to criticism by the masses( yes I believe they are the only ones you can “legally” voice your “opinion” at)


Weidon madam/sir see and talk, social media post decoding is my hobby, my opinion is the best, vitamin O(opinion) giver, Governor of Opinionville, I must talk Nigeria Limited

We hail you we hail you. Issokay issokay kontinu giving it!

May sense never depart from our lives.


Hey quirkies, welcome to #MondayRantday !!! See, I’m getting better and better…

I was reading about a famous  #TeamLightskin Nigerian uncle and his numerous “my opinion” statements on social media and as usual he was in another controversial wahala again.  I didn’t bother reading it, I was like this thing is becoming a major problem in our society, we must stand up and fight it. You can state your varied views without being petty about it but no, they will want to drag their ancestors as well.

Biko, let me not go off on another rant. Have you ever been a victim of the #JustStatingOpinionGang ?  Let me know in the comments section. Don’t forget that you can also send your personal rants or subliminal message rants and I’ll be delighted to post.

That’s it for now, keep on changing live one smile at a time.

Talk to y’all later xxx

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