VIRTUOUSNESS; The Nigerian Spec. 



It’s way more important to me for my wife to have and pursue a career or business than for her to know how to cook or clean for Africa.
It would be nice to see her become a motivation and inspiration not just to other women but to my daughters too… Awards aren’t given for best cleaned houses or best home cooked meals, only for real, substantial and outstanding feats that impact the general public.

They say two heads are better than one, having a sound productive and driven head (woman) is all a man can dream and ask for. It will make your life as a man easier if well-managed and supported.

VIRTUOUSNESS; Nigerian men please understand its true meaning and context. Don’t do to your wives what you wouldn’t want another man to do to your daughters. Don’t do to your wives what that your female Boss’ husband didn’t do to her or that very accomplished woman, that got her to a position where you answer “yes ma or oga madam” to her.

My goals won’t be more important than wife’s own, we are individually working collectively, it would be based on necessity, timeline, our capacity and benefits.

A wife is more than a helpmate; don’t let your ego or pride kill your wife’s potentials, those that curse you for being a “woman wrapper” or not being “African” by the time she achieves what she’s set out to do, I promise you those tongues will still sing yours and her praise.

You lose nothing really if your woman is as or more successful than you are, the benefits cannot be over emphasized.

*Takes Deep Breath*

Marshall Onoroide 


img_1600Hello Quirkies, Welcome to QuirkyFriday!!!! Today we are talking about virtuousness from a Nigerian man’s perspective; Mr Marshall Onoroide. He’s the Co-Founder & Chief Executive Oficer of Nuropel Africa LTD and I’m happy to announce that he is my friend *dons Famzing hat and vest*  He’s single and we want to find him a wife! hehehehe Seriously though, he’s an amazing man and I had to get this up on the blog when I read it.

I always get a little bit excited when I see men who understand what relationships should be about; mutual understanding between both partners! Shikena! It’s great to have a list of things a wife should possess but how does it fit into your small hamlet? Should societal views and pseudo values apply in your home at the detriment of happiness and peace? I have a post in my drafts that says I’m not a virtuous woman and I’m sure a few people will be like “You are virtuous in the name of Jesus!” The reason I say this is because the Proverbs 31 woman was married, she did all these things for her husband and not bae, boo or baa baa black sheep.

For me as a christian, Ephesians 5:21-21-33  encapsulates  what marriage is all about; it starts off with both parties being courteously reverent to each other (Message Version) or as the KJV puts it “being submissive to one another”. It then  goes on to talk about how each partner should treat the other, I’d urge you to read this in the Message version and let me know how it influences your views about this controversial part of the Bible. I use the word controversial because verse 22 has been used so many times as reference for some wonky and “one kind” views and I wonder if people ever saw verse 21 and then further verses down about what husbands should be and do.

I digress… I’ve gone off on a mini rant, phew!  My apologies 🙂 

Anyways, what is your take on virtuousness from a Nigerian Perspective? What myths about “virtuousness” have you busted in your relationships? Let me know in the comment section.

Have a wonderful weekend and remember that your smile is the best thing about someone’s day, so don’t hoard it.

Talk to y’all later xxx

2 thoughts on “VIRTUOUSNESS; The Nigerian Spec. 

  1. A woman should just LOVE cooking and doing house chores..
    Fresh meals to be cooked daily
    A man isn’t meant to do house anything…
    Africa is so backward its sad.
    Even with obvious advancement we fight. Resturants are open everywhere, laundries, cleaning companies, companies that go the market on your behalf…
    But we describe ppl that utilise these as “butty” or “spoilt”… Then twenty years on when the woman isn’t looking she older than her husband, they say she is doing surgery or using magic cream.
    She is taking care of herself and she has free time to work and prosper.. To take care and KNOW her kids. She’s not tiredly switching from chore to chore weighted under the mass of wrinkles.
    Oh damn, you’ve got me on a tirade timiebix 😫😫😫


    1. I’m glad you went on a tirade 😛 We need to talk about these things and it’s not because we are “woke”, it’s to shift away from our backward thinking. Thanks for commenting

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