Dear Beardgang Family 


Dear Beardgang family,

Weidon sir, I can see that the ministry is growing and hair sprouting like pigeons flocking to stale bread thrown at Trafalgar square.

Look at you in all the beardglory, glistening your way to greatness and making ladies swoon at your beardgesty, even great composers have written songs about your beard and its awesome life changing powers.

Es sir…..

The thing here is err erm it sorta kinda in a way doesn’t suit you, please stop forcing it, deep down inside you know this.
giphy-2.gifYou wake up, have a glance at the mirror and you’re shocked for a second because you do not recognise your reflection, but you gather strength and commence your beard swagging ritual.

You’re a pleasant person but I cannot understand how you get extra petty when talking about your Bae erm beard. Why do you have to call men who are clean-shaven boys? How does having a beard rivalling Chewbacca’s entire body hair count automatically give you “manly” powers .

Please stop it!

Disclaimer: I don’t have a thing against facial hair, I just don’t like some people who hide behind them and do silly things but what do I know sef, I no kuku get biabia.

Hello quirkies and welcome to #MondayRantday *insert applause*

We almost didn’t make it as I’ve been down with allergies all day but had to think about the great progress we’ve been making recently and the strength to do this came upon me.


Please tell me I’m not alone in my bewilderment at these petty beard gang men. I cannot be alone in this! Let me know in the comment section.
Anyways, this is how far the bestowed herculean strength can carry me so that’s it for today. I’ll be back on Wednesday with another yummy yet simple recipe. Until then keep on smiling!

Talk to y’all later xxx

2 thoughts on “Dear Beardgang Family 

  1. I don’t get beards. I don’t get the females’ obsessions with guys with beards. I’m completely lost. I mean to have the hair long and dangling mid-length neck? Kuku braid it and put beads.. Jack sparrow of Africa


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