Agaracha Elédàá

This is a story of how my Mr A(my ex fiancé) said my Elédàá was “worrying” him. Oya let me give you back story first.
Summary: Mr A was my first boyfriend and we were going to get married, it all went awry and it ended one kain.

“I don’t know” were the words I said  whenever people asked me what happened between Mr A and I. I said that because I genuinely did not know! See, I had to actively move on and I find my way around getting closure since I didn’t fully know what happened and how it all deteriorated into me breaking up with him via text.

Yes I did the breaking up but that didn’t  mean it hurt less, heck I was going to marry the dude! 2 years plus and I’m still as perplexed now as I was then. I tend to forget things a lot so I write down as many things as possible and this becomes helpful when I forget and spiral down the “it was my fault, if I had, shoulda woulda coulda” hole.

Ehen so 2 years don pass, why am I talking about it now? I was speaking to a friend a while ago and it made me realise I shouldn’t be afraid to share my story here and subsequently on my wider platform.So my friend and I were talking about life in general; work, uni and we eventually ended on relationships which then veered toward my previous encounters with the male species and how maybe my not having a “type” is a problem.

Hehehehe okay I lie, I do have a type; he must be able to spell, speak and use the English language properly, that’s a massive deal breaker for me. No one, I mean no one should live through these “Your d love of my life.” “Am coming home” etc… *shudders*

I digress…..

My conversation with my friend brought this all up again coupled with the fact that the said dude was back and wanted to explain “his side of the story”, you know, demystify our “love gone sour” story. Obviously curiosity got the best of me and I agreed to give him a chance because previous conversations never yielded any explanation for what happened. I agreed to see him and we made a few appointments( yes o Na appointment) but none of them panned out.

A few cancellations later and I felt like I was being dragged through the same feelings I felt when it all ended and no matter my curiosity I had to let my logical side take charge on this end and she said he was just looking for a way to free himself of any guilt he may be feeling so I lock up small.

Apparently he hasn’t had closure, his words oh not mine! Oh I forgot to add that he agreed he didn’t handle the situation well, I think he didn’t handle anything at all but slow and steady eh? So I strong armed him into talking about it all and dude went on some dead “I was doing it for your happiness” story that most men give.

Bia men, is there a place y’all go to learn these words and shitty skills and how can we bomb those centres down? 

You get the gist now abi, Mr A has “explained” his reasons  and we’re on talking terms again, back to the main story.

“Karma is real o, please forgive me and pray that everything goes well with me”  Those were the words Mr A recently said to me.

I was stunned as I had forgiven him and moved on, even went as far as messaging to say this when I was instructed to do so(Long story, just know God has a weird sense of humour).Anyways, I told him again that I had forgiven him, had no ill thoughts towards him and wished him well.

He refused and said even if I say I have forgiven him, my “Elédàá” is strong and will have fought for me.

Elédàá literally means creator, but in this context it is used as a spirit being, a personal destiny, chi(in Igbo) you can also refer to it as your personal guardian angel. My Yoruba people help me explain better if I have not done justice to this. 

At that point I got upset, why will my eleda be fighting battles I didn’t ask it to? Maybe that’s why I’m not as rich as I should be because my agaracha  Elédàá is doing busybody battle upandan! Hian!!
Uncle said I should pray for him, I was like aha I thought you’re a child of God and have direct access to him too! Pray to Him and He’ll help you and please let my eleda come back and work for me!

Semi side gist; apparently what happened with us was mild compared to what karma dished out to him, I must confess I laughed so hard when he went on to tell his story. (Don’t judge me please, I’m trying to be a better person!)

I still smile when I remember the conversation, instead of my Elédàá to fight hard so I will get the winning numbers to #EuroMillions lottery or the date MMM will crash so I can hit big, it’s there fighting man that we can never want and do not need in our lives. TUEH!

Hey quirkies, welcome to another edition of #QuirkyFridays. We made it just in time, I really need to up my scheduling game so bad. I had internet issues today. I apologise for the late post.

So after last week’s personal post, I was gingered to post this one! Someone please say progress!! Okay I want to know; what’s the most ridiculous statement an ex has made to get back in your good books? Let me know in the comments.

That’s it for #QuirkyFridays, have a lovely weekend and keep on changing the lives one smile at a time!

Talk to y’all later xxx

5 thoughts on “Agaracha Elédàá

  1. Him: “I went out with my cousin and I drank a little. It wasn’t me sending that text. Despite all I’m going through I still can’t get you out of my mind. I love you Baby. Please forgive me”
    Me: “Dude get your foolish self out of my phone. Fucking Moron” (yea it’s still fresh. 😬 Sorry for swearing).
    Btw, this was an interesting read.

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  2. Tims, I must admit your chi/eleda must be very, as in very strong. I am is still laughing. But, omo ina mehn tell your eleda to come and win me millions too oh. What are friends for? winks

    Liked by 1 person

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