The Book of Societal Norms: Hogwash Edition

Dear Mummies&Daddies(because equality advocate and tings!) ,

Please teach your sons how to be independent, teach them how to cook, clean, do laundry, teach them basic survival skills. This is obviously in addition to the other life skills you should be teaching him o, such as how not to be a twat, Yoruba demon ati beebee lo!

Don’t say “he’s too young”or “he’s my first-born” or whatever excuse has been handed down to you from “The Book of Societal Norms; Hogwash Edition”.

Men who learn how to do these things and don’t see it as gender-based or expect it to be done for them make the world an easier place for everyone to live in, especially women.

House chores and general house keeping is the responsibility of the people who inhabit said house. It is not a particular person’s life calling except they have the titles housemaid, cleaner, butler etc. and are paid for the work they do.

However if he’s too lazy, unteachable, doesn’t seem that interested, or you just don’t want your “baby boy” to stress himself, please teach him that when he’s able to afford it, he can get people who are professionals at doing all he needs done. The keyword here is that they are PAID to do their JOB.

In a busy household sometimes things get left undone and if it bothers any member of the household, the best thing to do is perform the task or find a titled paid person to do it(see previous paragraph) or just keep “chut” if they know they cannot do it.

It is annoying and slap inducing to have the nerve to call a particular person to do a task that benefits the entire household when you are not disabled, ill or dead!

And if you think this rant is about you, it probably is, seeing that life obviously revolves around you now, negodu yourself, just go and face the wall.

Hello quirkies!! We made it to another #MondayRantday *hurray!!!!!* I am proud of myself and most especially you for your continued reading, commenting, liking and sharing. All my secret “likers”, ghost-readers and  whatsapp commenters, please come out and drop your thoughts here *side eye*

Let me know what other things you think should go into this edition of the book of societal norms. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has read this book or had to reference it at some point in life.

That’s it quirkies, I’ll see you on Wednesday with our #WednesdayYumday and I’m struggling with what to choose, hopefully I make a choice by Wednesday.

Keep on smiling, someone’s day is tremendously improved by it.

Talk to y’all later xxx

5 thoughts on “The Book of Societal Norms: Hogwash Edition

  1. Shey you know there are women. Especially from the Eastern part of the country that detest their men helping them with housechores


    1. This is the first I’m hearing of that. I’m not talking about them though, I’m just saying everyone should know how to cook and fend for themselves. If your wife then says “babes don’t worry I gat this” cool but it should be her “role” and she should be given grief for not doing it.


  2. Lol please do some research. A lot of them would gladly do chores when you are bringing the bacon. Typically there are tribes that frown on it. Anyways this your post ehn is aimed squarely at men. I for one have no issues with men doing chores. No task is beneath me. However I think this should also be addressed to women of nowadays, a lot of whom are very inept at basic housekeeping functions all in the name of feminism, fight against patriarchy. The crying irony is we have men these days who actually can do housechores and women who can’t. I’m not saying play wife but you stay with a man 1 week and you don’t even think to do any form of chore. Lol unacceptable


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