Hello quirkies, I know it’s  been too long and whatever reason I give will not be enough for the long hiatus. It’s been a long stressful, interesting and quirky 4months living in Nigeria and I am proud to announce that I have become a complete Lagos girl; jumping buses, Okadas and Kekes is like second nature now. Can I hear you shout Lagos babe??
Anyways, this is a post to say I’m alive and well and let you in on all the amazing things I’ve been up to so far;


  • I joined the SingleInGidi gang and you can now add columnist to the growing list of amazing things I can do *insert humble brag*. That’s where I’ve been “hiding” since I’ve been away from here, you can catch up with me and my Lagos dating or the lack of it HERE. PSST: be sure to get comfortable before you dig in, I am already  about 6 lengthy posts in but I assure you, you’ll love them. Be sure to follow, share and say QuirkyTims brought you there so I can acknowledge your awesomeness!
  • I’ve been working on the food aspect of the QuirkyTims brand, I’m still trying to sort out a few kinks but we’ll be up and running in a bit and ready to take your orders so follow us on our social media pages and don’t forget to tell a friend as well. If you’re one of those people who have hounded me to get this started, this is the time to get to work; spread the work, quirkytims’ food will be available to all SOON! Facebook:@quirkytimskitchnen  Instagram: @quirkytimskitchen
  • I started my Social Media Marketing/Management business for small enterprises and even though I currently have only ONE paying customer, it’s been great and I’m blessed at the fact that I pushed through and even started, still trembling with fear but we’re here and will build gradually. You can support by reaching out for our services and also follow on Facebook:@quirkymarketer  and Instagram:@quirkymarketer 

Quick update: the one customer I was talking about is an online TV show called Pressing Issues; Nigeria’s Premiere Political and Social Satire online TV show. Follow us on our social media handles; Twitter:@pressingissueng Instagram:@pressingissuesng Facebook: Pressing Issues and don’t forget to subscribe on our YouTube Channel HERE to be the first to know when the episodes hit!

I had a makeup therapy session for one of those blue days.
  • I’ve finally accepted the fact that I have clinical depression and working real hard to not let it get the best of me, I’ve had more great than blue days since this happened in January. So it’s take it one day at a time, embrace the bad days, actively work to ensure that it doesn’t get the best of me and generally surround myself with positivity.
  • Becoming 30! Yeah I know it was somewhat hush-hush here but I clocked 30 on the 12th of February, it was a wonderful day made extra special by Sheila as we dedicated her Princess to the Lord, I had such a wonderful experience at The Lighted Church and a very interesting and fun lunch with beautiful people. Thanks Sheila, you came through much more than you can EVER imagine!

    The beautiful Sheila and I
  • House hunting!! Nobody told me it would be this stressful! You think house hunting in London is a pain, try jumping from Keke to Okada trying to locate the agent. Oh and get this; you pay to view houses and if there’s no fixed fee, you’re responsible for covering the agent’s transportation as well as “sorting” them with “small change” when the hustling for the day is over! I think I should become a tour guide for Yaba, Gbagada and its environs! P.S if you know a good agent with sensible fees for a 2 bedroom house around Gbagada, Yaba and Oworonsoki, please holla at me!! Thank you 🙂
  • My foot got rammed by an Okada!!! This happened while house hunting and guess what? it was a hit and run “accident”. I was just there praying and hoping there was no blood and I wouldn’t lose function in my toes and I’m glad to announce that the swelling is down and only my pinky toe hurts, hopefully should be back wearing covered shoes in a week.

So you see, even though I’ve been away, I’ve been hard at work trying to better the QuirkyTims brand as well as just adjust to this beautiful and complicated thing called life.

I promise we’ll back to business next week with our weekly posts; #MondayRant , #WednesdayYumday and #QuirkyFridays until then enjoy this beautiful live version of Give me love by Ed Sheehan I recently discovered. It makes me so happy listening to this version, they and listen to all the songs from this live session and thank me later.

6 thoughts on “Keeping up with Quirkytims

  1. LOOOOOL Oh dear at house hunting. I didn’t realise that you have to pay to view houses in Naija o! Kai our country for show! I like your write up…did not regret subscribing!


  2. OMG! I feel like giving you a hug!! I can’t even vex, as my usual, about your disappearance. I’m both proud and amazed darln, you are achieving so much. God continue to keep you and hold your hand girl.


  3. Awww, I’m sorry you had to go through all of this. I can imagine. Lagos waka eh. That alone can be depressing I tell you, not to talk of the traffic and etcetra.
    Oh my, sorry about your foot. Kai. Hit and run. Not good. You are healed in Jesus name.
    You’ll be fine okay? Just be strong. I’m happy about your food brand coming up. Little by little, you’ll see it bearing fruit and becoming huge. I hope your house ish has been sorted out too. You’re 30 and gorgeous! Congrats! God’s got you. No one can steal your shine. Much love dear. xo


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