The Daily Depression  Struggle

tonight​Dealing with depression is a daily struggle.
There are days you are alright and everything is right with the world.
There are also those dark days that come without warning,
Without caring how well you have been doing.

Dealing with depression is a daily struggle.
The intrusive suicidal thoughts.
The constant hopelessness.
The heart wrenching and uncontrollable sobs.
The feeling of going at it on your own.

Dealing with depression is a daily struggle
When will it end?
Will I get better?
Is there anyone listening?
Do they really care?

Dealing with depression is a daily struggle
But we will win
We will get back up when it knocks us down
We will fight off its fiery claws as they rip into our skin.

My name is Timiebi and I am more than my diagnosis.
I am much more than I can imagine, feel or think.
To anyone dealing with depression,
Hold on, reach out, don’t ever let go.
In the end we will all win!

The past few months have been a struggle for me, I wrote this sometime last month and in the spirit of being here decided to post it. I know I promised my low-budget Jollof rice recipe but I forgot I didn’t have access to my photos anymore as my phone packed up last week, so please forgive me and give me a few more days and I will hopefully post that recipe up.

That’s about it for now, keep on smiling and never forget that you are the best irrespective of what you may think or be experiencing.

My music head peeps here’s one song that has been pulling at my heart strings all month, it’s Glee’s version of Let me Love you. Don’t ask me why I’ve been listening to the song, just enjoy! 😛

Talk to y’all later xxx


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