Hello quirkies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phew, it has been ages since I came on here!! Sigh, as usual there are a lot of excuses I can give that will make you instantly forgive me but the truth is I felt disconnected from this environment. I know, I was shocked too when I was finally able to pinpoint exactly why I couldn’t push that publish button or why the draft folder kept growing by the weeks, I just felt disconnected.

Now, even I cannot fully explain what this disconnection means but I knew I didn’t want to write here, I’m sorry if this makes you feel abandoned by me, I promise that was not my intention. I am truly sorry as I know I have loyal and loved followers, some of which kept on asking me about this blog and I would reply with incoherent words while trying to subtly change the topic.

Now, this disconnection was so strong that I was afraid of opening up the blog. However, one day I finally had the courage to log in and voila, I could see that you (yes you) and some other people checked it out, I’m sure you were hoping and even praying I would come back. Well, I am happy to announce that your prayers have been answered and I am back now!!!! Somebody shout halllellllllluuuuyah!!!!!!

I don’t have that much to say but thank you for reading this far and I hope to update you over the next few days on what’s has been happening in my life.

Until then, don’t forget to smile, someone’s smile is dependent on yours



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