My name is Timiebi Dawn Ebitibituwa and I love minions!! I have an on and off relationship with Arsenal FC(mostly off).  I’m from Nigeria and I am currently a semi-nomad. I shuttle between three Nigerian cities; Lagos, Abuja, and Akure.

I am passionate about mental health and I am been blessed to an active member of Mentally Aware Nigeria Initiative(MANI), a mental health NGO that is dedicated to changing the mental health narrative in Nigeria.

When I am not ranting on WhatsApp or dancing on the streets, I help small businesses in ensuring that their Social Media Business goals are achieved. Whether it’s handling the day-to-day running of their platforms, managing adverts or creating content that can help foster engagement, brand awareness or sales,  I do all I can to make ensure that each business’s goals for Social Media are met.

I also work as an audio to text transcriber; if you have an audio or video recordings that you are looking to transform to text, I’m your girl! It can be done in whatever format you are looking to achieve; storytelling, interview, report, etc.

I recently decided to put myself out there, which means I have to claim the aspiring voice actor, voiceover artist, and content creator title. This move was fuelled by the many “you have a beautiful voice, you should be on the radio” comment I got from friends and strangers.  You can find my recent creation  #QuirkytimsYarns here.

I love food and cooking, cooking soothes me. Yes, I know it’s odd but remember, I am Quirkytims! I love the calmness that cooking gives and I enjoy experimenting with different dishes. I loved the way people enjoyed my meals and all but bullied me into thinking about cooking for other people, so I decided to start small and make it a service I offer. This is the story of Quirkytims Kitchen.

As I mentioned earlier, I am a semi-nomad which means I get to experience various places and see the beauty that is Nigeria. So in 2017, while I was briefly living in Lagos, I decided to start MyLagosWaka which morphed in Quirkytims Waka. This is a pet passion of mine, I see the beauty in everything and capture it with my trusty iPhone 6s. I try to showcase all the breathtakingly beautiful images I have been blessed to see on Quirkytims Waka.

I love the feel of ink on paper 🙂 so picked up “writing” again a few years ago via notes on my Facebook page. A yearning for frequent writing and keeping the fiery flames of writing ever blazing brought Quirkytims to life. I have been able to hone this yearning into other writing opportunities; I was a columnist for Single in Gidi, where I talked about Dating, mental health and all the things this young woman witnessed living in Lagos.

The blog is filled with my thoughts, opinions, research and everything writeable 🙂 I hope you enjoy every second, minute, hour, year(I’m sure you get the gist hehehehe) you spend there. If you like it here; subscribe, like the posts, comment!! just show me some love, er… forgot to add that I’m also a drama queen!

This website is a woven tapestry of all the things I do for work and fun, it houses my life’s passions, gifts, and hopes. It’s my wish that maybe one aspect of my life will make the needed difference in someone’s life, that the boldness in putting myself and work out there will give someone else the needed push to take that step in achieving their own goals.

My name is Timiebi and I am doing it afraid!

Looking ghenghen. Photo Credit: ShotByFemo

Here’s a photo of how I look… Breathtaking right? I forgot to add that I’m unabashedly, utterly and fiercely in love with myself!

For social buffs:

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/quirkytims

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/timiebix

Instagram: http://instagram.com/quirkytims

Snapchat: @quirkytims

Err that’s about it 🙂

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    1. Hahaha, I thought about this a couple of days ago. I just love the way it sounds (I know I know, you can’t pick and choose)
      The challenge now is to come up with a new name that’ll sound as “cool” as this *plays eye of the tiger *


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