My name is Timiebi Dawn Ebitibituwa and I love minions!! I have an on and off relationship with Arsenal FC(mostly on).  I’m from Nigeria (Niger-deltan) and currently live in London. I’m kinda weird and a teeny bit eccentric….
I love Jesus for without Him I am nothing. I also have a love for all things music; I sing and currently in 3 bands (and counting) I believe there is a song for anything you can think of or feel. Music heals and soothes.. Okay I’ll stop here before I bore you with my “music is everything” speech.


I have a dad, a mum and  4 siblings(2 girls and 2 boys)  I had a very interesting childhood with so many story times; my late brother(God rest his soul) and I used to make up wild stories; from taps bringing out juice and milk to adventure stories told by my elder brother. I had a very fun and educative childhood and can definitely say it’s not the reason I tend to act weird. Sigh, I guess there’s no “talk about your childhood” psychologist moment for me then (-_-)

I love the feel of ink on paper 🙂 so picked up “writing” again a few years ago via notes on my Facebook page. A yearning for frequent writing and keeping the fiery flames of writing ever blazing brought Quirkytims to life.
This blog is filled with my thoughts, opinions, research and everything writeable 🙂 I hope you enjoy every second, minute, hour, year(I’m sure you get the gist hehehehe) you spend here.

If you like it here; subscribe, like the posts, comment!! just show me some love *crying* err forgot to add that I’m also a drama queen 😀

Looking ghenghen. Photo Credit: ShotByFemo

Here’s a photo of how I look…. Breathtaking right? 😀 hehehehe yup forgot to add that I’m in love with myself! LMBO 🙂

For social buffs:

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/quirkytims

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/timiebix

Instagram: http://instagram.com/quirkytims

Snapchat: @quirkytims

Err that’s about it 🙂

13 thoughts on “QuirkyMe

    1. Hahaha, I thought about this a couple of days ago. I just love the way it sounds (I know I know, you can’t pick and choose)
      The challenge now is to come up with a new name that’ll sound as “cool” as this *plays eye of the tiger *


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