Akirisore -Jedidiaah

source:www.jedidiaah.com            When I was messaged about doing a post, I was like me ke? What do I know, how do I begin to talk about someone's music? I was humbled that someone thought that highly about quirkytims *sniff sniff*  Anyways, I rose up to the challenge, channelled the belief they … Continue reading Akirisore -Jedidiaah

Manipulated, abused yet favoured by God

God Favoured Me - Hezekiah Walker [Verse 1] Love is patient, caring. Love is Kind. Love is felt most when It's genuine, but I've had my share of love abused, manipulated And it's strength misused, and I can't help but give you glory When I think about my story, and I know you favoured me … Continue reading Manipulated, abused yet favoured by God