The Book of Societal Norms: Hogwash Edition

Dear Mummies&Daddies(because equality advocate and tings!) , Please teach your sons how to be independent, teach them how to cook, clean, do laundry, teach them basic survival skills. This is obviously in addition to the other life skills you should be teaching him o, such as how not to be a twat, Yoruba demon ati … Continue reading The Book of Societal Norms: Hogwash Edition


Dear Beardgang Family 

Dear Beardgang family, Weidon sir, I can see that the ministry is growing and hair sprouting like pigeons flocking to stale bread thrown at Trafalgar square. Look at you in all the beardglory, glistening your way to greatness and making ladies swoon at your beardgesty, even great composers have written songs about your beard and … Continue reading Dear Beardgang Family