Agaracha Elédàá

This is a story of how my Mr A(my ex fiancé) said my Elédàá was "worrying" him. Oya let me give you back story first. Summary: Mr A was my first boyfriend and we were going to get married, it all went awry and it ended one kain. "I don't know" were the words I … Continue reading Agaracha Elédàá

Lagos is 4 hours away! 

Lagos is 4 hours away You're going to Lagos The fare is 2050 You have 2 children The total fare is 6150   Lagos is 4 hours away You get to the bus garage He shouts "Lagos 1, Lagos 1" You say okay but I have 2 children He asks "Se o leru o?" You reply … Continue reading Lagos is 4 hours away!