Quirkytims Waka

About two years ago, I started documenting Lagos because I wanted people to see the city through my eyes. From the breathtaking horizons of the Marina, to the awe inspiring sunsets of Orile, to the organised chaos of Computer Village. I was passionate about seeking, seeing and showing how these individual elements all fuse together to create a masterpiece; #MyBeautifulLagos. I wasn’t scared to be the messenger going door-to-door, asking people to open their eyes, hearts and minds to the experience of #mylagoswaka. And what an experience it has been so far! I have had the the privilege to find beauty in places unimaginable.

The goal was never to stop this beauty discovery in Lagos but to expand it everywhere I go, which I believe allows people to also experience the beauty I find as I go about life’s journey. So, in 2019, #mylagoswaka morphed into #quirkytimswaka. I have been able to evolve and expand to accommodate new cities and experiences, while still authentically seeking, seeing and showcasing the beauty along life’s journey. 

“What’s the best part about Quirkytims Waka?” Well, other than the precious moments I get to capture, all my images are shot with a phone (iPhone 6s or Samsung Galaxy A50).

If you love sunsets, clouds, pausing to experience and appreciate everything around you then we are going to be besties!

Water Mileage Series

Location: Arogbo, Ondo state 

Lagos Sunset Series

Location: Landmark Beach, Lagos State

Rainy Lagos Series

Location: Falomo, Lago State