Ancient one

Arugbo Ojo Arugbo ojo Iwo laseda Lameda Laweda o Arugbo ojo Iwo loni ogo Loni eye Loni ola Arugbo ojo I won't even attempt to translate the song above, my Yoruba masters please come to my rescue. Arugbo ojo means ancient of days and that how far I'll go hehehe Ancient of days He is, … Continue reading Ancient one

A thousand tongues

O seun o baba Ose o Jesu O seun o baba Ose o Jesu Kini ma fi san ore re Bi o ti po to laye mi Egberun ahon ko ma to fun iyin re Ose o Jesu The words above are lyrics to an old Yoruba praise song. I woke up with the song … Continue reading A thousand tongues