Teethfies, Social Media hustle and Christmas

Hey quirkies!!!!!! *Shouting loud to distract you from the "where has she been thoughts" hehehe 😀 Just gaze at my teethfie (Teeth-Selfie) and forgive me please 😥 I know I don't have any excuse so I won't even try to say anything. I took a month of social media  for my yearly social media break. For the … Continue reading Teethfies, Social Media hustle and Christmas

Still here standing

Hi quirkies!!!! Just a quick hello and "updatey" kinda post. How's everyone doing? fine I'm sure 🙂 I can't believe it's been 12 days since I deleted all the "cool" apps on my phones and iPad. It's been fun,I spend a little more time talking to people on the phone, I have also reduced the number … Continue reading Still here standing