Comfortable with God’s love

Reading this scripture inspired a few quotes/insights on loving someone God's way, here'sΒ a few things I came up with; I love you because God loves me and even loves you more. To fully love another person, you must understand and completely accept the love God has for you. When you fully accept God's love, then … Continue reading Comfortable with God’s love

20 Facts plus 1 about Timiebi

A while ago my friends Denike( @denike_xo) and Katherine (@katiebby24) tagged me for the "20 facts about me" on Instagram. I successfully did it but decided to make a post about it, you can also click HERE to find out 7 detailed facts about me,yes I really want you to know me πŸ™‚ So let's … Continue reading 20 Facts plus 1 about Timiebi