Dear Modesireireoluwa; #QuirkyLoveLetterSeries

Dear Modesireireoluwa, I decided to write you this love letter to remind myself of the beautiful things God will bless me with. Don't laugh too much or call me emosh(or whatever name your generation calls it now) I can't wait to see you, you're still a teensy weensy egg but the amount of love I … Continue reading Dear Modesireireoluwa; #QuirkyLoveLetterSeries

Much Ado about Valentine’s Day

Hi Quirkies, how we doing today? I hope everyone's fine. Great! I'm glad you A few days ago I was thinking about love and Valentine's day , don't worry, it's not a cheesy post 🙂 I've never been someone who celebrated this day as I'm more of "celebrate love everyday" person. Now I'm not saying … Continue reading Much Ado about Valentine’s Day