Drawsoupaphobia Destroyer!

2016 was the year I conquered my Drawsoupaphobia. Drawsoupaphobia: a fear of slimy, goopy, "draw" soups (e.g Okra, Ogbono, ewedu etc.)  See I've always hated all Nigerian foods with a slimy texture, from okra to ogbono and ewedu. They all nauseated me and the few times I tried them growing up ended with me puking … Continue reading Drawsoupaphobia Destroyer!

MamaTimi’s Special Beans

Beans is one meal almost every Nigerian child loved or loathed, either way you HAD to eat it growing up. As you're all aware, I'm quirky and have been from when I was little so whenever my mum made beans at home, I always had to "re-cook" before I could eat it. This "re-cooking" involved something … Continue reading MamaTimi’s Special Beans