Teethfies, Social Media hustle and Christmas

Hey quirkies!!!!!! *Shouting loud to distract you from the "where has she been thoughts" hehehe 😀 Just gaze at my teethfie (Teeth-Selfie) and forgive me please 😥 I know I don't have any excuse so I won't even try to say anything. I took a month of social media  for my yearly social media break. For the … Continue reading Teethfies, Social Media hustle and Christmas

She’s back!!

Anytime you think something positive about someone else, you should tell them. We should all live by that rule, as it will help us become more comfortable speaking life-giving words. - Soul Detox (YouVersion Bible app) Daily learn to speak positively into people's lives and you'll reap the joy that comes with it. I've been … Continue reading She’s back!!