Cricket, Cardiff and God-Reality

Hi Quirkies!!!! I know I promised a blogpost for the 28th of February but couldn't as all three letters came from the heart and a place of quiet! The time allocated for letter 4 was just too short and I didn't want to post anything because I had to, I sincerely apologise for this. Please … Continue reading Cricket, Cardiff and God-Reality

Thankful Timiebi; 22 things and more

Hey beautiful people!!! It's the last day of what has been an amazing year, for me it's been a roller coaster ride; ups, downs, swirls etc and I'm dazed about how I'm still standing. It has been God all the way! As promised in my earlier post, today I'll be sharing my "22 things I'm … Continue reading Thankful Timiebi; 22 things and more