Work with me

Hi there,

 Thank you for taking the bold step towards working with me. My name is Timiebi and it will be my absolute pleasure and honour to work with you to achieve your goals for your project, brand or business.

I am just an email away, so don’t hesitate in contacting me. I can’t wait to collaborate with you and bring my expertise to your projects and business.

Audio to text Transcribing

I can help transcribe your audio recordings to text, in whatever style you want; reporting, story, article etc. You have a recorded interview or story you need to turn to text? I’m your girl!

Social Media content calendar

 Ensuring that you have the right content for your social media platforms is essential, I will help you plan and create engaging content for your social media platforms. I will also help handle the daily management of your social media platforms if you are too busy to manage it on your own.

Content Creation and Editing

I am an entry level editor, this means I help in ensuring that essays, business plans, proposals etc. pass basic and complex grammar levels. I can also help to rewrite poorly written documents.  I also offer content writing; website, product description, stories and articles etc. 

Social Media Adverts

 It is not news anymore that just posting about your products on social media is no longer enough to get you the reach, engagement and sales you need for your brand. With everyone trying to beat the algorithms, adverts are your best way to ensure that your brand and products are visible to your target audience, current and potential customers. All you need is a budget (and my fee of course) and I will handle the rest; setting up the ad accounts, finding your right target audience, optimising the ads to ensure that they perform well, removing the dollar-naija exchange rate hassle etc.

Graphic Design

This includes but not limited to sales flyers, product graphics, event flyer(Instagram Live, church posters, naming ceremony etc.), daily social media post (i.e Instagram/Facebook feed, stories etc.) etc. Anything that has to do with graphics, illustration and graphics video, I am your plug.


I work with researchers to summarise their research, so if you have 100+ paged documents that needs summarising to showcase essential and helpful information, reach out to me.

  • I am good at helping people flesh out business ideas; what can be done to get it rolling, strategy etc. you need someone to bounce ideas with and get the creative juices flowing, I am available at a very affordable fee.
  • Finally, you need something(legal) and can’t find it, ask me, I have a posse of FBI level friends, we go find am!